HitBTC Review

HiTBTC was founded in 2013 by a team of finance experts and engineers. The exchange is a top-tier player, offering more than 500 currencies in over 900 trading pairs. HitBTC takes advantage of its international presence, as they are managed from Hong Kong by Hit Solution Limited and hold a dedicated office in Chile.

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The company regularly refines its security tools and encourages its traders not to dismiss their usage. Current features include two-factor authentication, a whitelist function for trusted addresses, and a "personal broker" for members qualifying as professional traders.

A maker-taker model applies for trading fees and traders are rewarded for adding liquidity to the exchange.

Deposits are held in crypto only, unlimited in quantity. 
Also, HitBTC has no limits on deposit and withdrawal amounts.

HitBTC provides both FIX and REST API, and a cutting-edge matching engine that offers real-time clearing and low-latency matching algorithms. OTC trading and Margin trade are also available.

  • High liquidity
  • Cutting-edge matching engine technologies
  • No limits for deposits/withdrawal of digital assets
  • Low fees
  • More than 150 instruments available
  • High level of security
  • The most advanced REST API and FIX API

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Published on: 1/20/19 3:11 AM